Monday, November 10, 2014

Melody's Video Debut Finds Lara Her Forever Home!

When Melody was the featured cat video on AllPaw's FB page for October 29, a lady saw it & called about adopting her the very same day. WONDERFUL! Springville is at least a 40 - 45 minute drive to East Amherst so she was obviously very serious & couldn't wait to meet Melody! 

Nina had recently lost one of her 2 kitties & her other kitty seemed lonely. We met at the Pet Supplies "Plus" E. Amherst store that afternoon so she could meet Melody & finalize her adoption.  I had pre-qualified her before she drove so far for a meet & greet. 

Her son wanted to visit with Zazu so I let him out as well. Melody was ALL PLAY - as usual!  Harry was napping, but pretty soon Lara starting poking her paw out & seemed overly eager to visit with the guests. 

As soon as I opened Lara's cage door, she went directly to Nina & her son.  She began rubbing around their legs, purring loudly. She jumped right into Nina's lap & curled up as if to say "I'm ready to go home with you"!

Struggling with the decision of leaving Melody - who she had really wanted to take home & still did - Nina knew in her heart it was Lara who was meant to go home with them. Lara had made that abundantly clear to her AND her son - who had fallen in love with her almost the minute she stepped out of her cage. 

It was synchronicity - Melody had drawn Nina & her son to the cat room, but it was Lara's turn that day to find her forever home!  Nina says Lara has fit right into their household as if she's always been a part of their family!

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