Sunday, November 9, 2014

Feline Snoozers Wall Units on TLC Kitties Wish List To Santa~! has added Ten Lives Club as a shelter recipient so purchases from our supporters can be donated directly to TLC! 

Felinesnoozers have a great selection of small to large sized towers, climbers, activity towers, beds and super cool wall units that we are really excited about!  They not only look great & save space but also provide kitties with lots of fun places to play, climb & nap! All of their items are also very easy to clean - which will keep our kitties HEALTHY & HAPPY until they find their forever homes! 

Our kitties are hoping that Santa will grant their Holiday wish to fill their rooms with lots of fun kitty furniture from to sleep & play!

Shop & choose Ten Lives Club when you place your order to help make our kitties' Holiday wishes come true!

Martin can't WAIT to try out FELINESNOOZERS!

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