Monday, July 27, 2015


Mama cat CHELLE & her litter of 5 babies!
On Monday, July 20, Ten Lives Club volunteer Ken Lyon was helping TLC prepare for their upcoming garage sale.  He discovered a cardboard box sitting outside the Ten Lives Club donation bin that was sealed with duct tape. When he heard meowing noises coming from inside the box, he immediately took it inside the shelter. 

Ken started removing the duct tape and a cat's head popped up through the opening! Inside was a mama cat and her litter of 5 newborn kittens who had been sealed up tight and abandoned in the hot July heat.  Ken and other Ten Lives Club volunteers and staff were appalled!  Who could do such a thing?  Why didn't they surrender them to the shelter which was only a few yards away?  Instead, they shoved this poor mama cat and her babies into a cardboard box, duct taped it shut so there was no way to escape and left it by boxes of donated items like a piece of trash!  In the middle of JULY!

Dr. Fisk examined them and determined that the kittens were between 7 and 10 days old.  The mama cat and all of her babies were okay.  Thankfully, it appeared that they had been inside the box for about 15 minutes or less.  Had it been much longer on a hot 80 degree July day, the outcome would not have been so good.

WIVB Channel 4 and WGRZ Channel 2 did a wonderful job covering this heartbreaking story.  Both broadcast stations sent reporters to interview Marie Edwards - TLC President & Founder, Ken Lyon and Dr. Fisk the very same day.  

Ten Lives is so grateful for the kind donations and compassionate response for these sweet kitties thanks to WIVB and WGRZ! People from not only Western New York, but all over the United States have shown their support!  THANK YOU!

The mama cat - now named "Chelle" - and her 5 babies are being fostered by a seasoned Ten Lives Club volunteer.  Chelle will be available for adoption in a few weeks once her babies are weaned and she has been spayed.  Her babies will be available for adoption around the end of September.

Call 716-646-5577 for more information 
about adopting Chelle or her babies!

It will cost approximately $1,000 for Ten Lives Club to treat & prepare these kitties for adoption.

To make a donation for the "Duct Taped Box Kitties"