Sunday, April 19, 2015


Ten Lives Club Comedy Night for the Cats was a BIG HIT with over 100 PEOPLE who came out to GFY for the event! It was a FULL HOUSE & an evening of fun! 

Guests were entertained with comedy acts performed by NINE stand up comics - Chris Gullo, Shannon Dawn, Max Leroy, Jon Shuta, Tim Victor, Anthony Rizzo, Rick Roberts, Brian Netzel Jr. & Ryan Henry who came out to support the kitties!  Chris & his comic friends put on a fantastic show!

Stand-Up Comedian Chris Gullo
Stand-Up Comedian Chris Gullo

Buffalo's Best Stand-up Comedian Chris Gullo brought eight of his comic friends:

Shannon Dawn, Max Leroy, Jon Shuta, Tim Victor, Anthony Rizzo, Rick Roberts, Brian Netzel Jr. & Ryan Henry! They put on a PHENOMENAL comedy show!

Some of them even incorporated "cats" into their comedy acts - PURRFECT!

~PAWS APPLAUSE~ for stand-up comedian Chris Gullo & his group of eight hilarious comic friends for performing in support of the kitties!  GFY made sure these awesome comics had plenty of beer & wings for the evening!

These talented comics entertained the audience with comedy acts that really put on a show for Comedy Night for the Cats!


Bar Manager - Kathy & her staff at GFY Bar & Grill were wonderful! Tammy did a great job filling in for Kathy as Bar Manager during the event - even with over 100 people in attendance!

GFY was blown away with the AMAZING turn out for Comedy Night for the CatsWithout GFY Bar Manager Kathy's generous offer to provide a venue for Comedy Night for the Cats - FREE OF CHARGE - this TLC fundraiser may have never taken place!

Everyone had a great time & LOTS of laughs while enjoying the yummy snacks provided by TLC volunteers from the Pet Supplies Plus E. Amherst location. Volunteers Sheri Lorey, Mary Johnson, Dayna & Mike Bobowitz, Jerry & Brian Sokolowski, Nicole Calandra, Sue & Rob Tyrone & Tara Felmet provided all of the snacks & paper supplies.

Several of these volunteers also worked the event before, during and after & were SO incredibly helpful!  With your MUCH NEEDED assistance, it made Comedy Night for the Cats a very successful event! 

THANK YOUTLC at Pet Supplies E. Amherst volunteers for your dedication to the kitties, donations of food, supplies & hard work for this TLC fundraiser!  

MANY THANKS to the following area businesses who generously donated Silent Auction items for this event:

Michaela Waggoner - Adopted Mr. Grey from TLC @ PSP E. Amherst
Donated 2 Theme Baskets w/ Bleaching Certificates + More

TLC @ PSP E. Amherst Volunteer 
Donated NIB Large Collectable Porcelain Doll on Stand