Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Kitten season is in full swing right now! Ten Lives Club is overflowing with Mama cats & their newborns, pregnant cats and orphaned kittens.  These cats and kittens MUST be in foster care so they can stay healthy and in a quiet setting away from all the other cats in our shelter.  Please consider fostering for Ten Lives Club this kitten season.  More foster homes are desperately needed! 

New Mamas and their babies need to be away from so many other cats so they don't get sick.  They are very vulnerable and fragile at this stage and need to be in foster homes until they are big enough to find their forever homes.  Can you open your heart and home to foster a new mama and her babies for just 10 to 12 weeks?  Ten Lives Club will provide Purina cat and kitten food to those who can foster for us!

Ten Lives pulled 3 very sickly four week old kittens with terrible eye infections from the Buffalo City Shelter on Tuesday.  

Two of the three kittens are shown in the picture to the left.  These poor babies are very sick and don't have a mother.  

Our vet staff gave these babies fluids and treated them with eye medications. Unfortunately, they may lose their eyes because of the severe infections they are suffering. 

Pictured right is a healthy new Mama who just had a litter of 4 babies. She and her newborns were also pulled from the Buffalo City Shelter on Tuesday.  

Her babies (pictured left) are only a few days old and still have their eyes shut.  

This new Mama kitty and her newborn kittens need a foster home so they can stay healthy.  

TO FOSTER for Ten Lives Club, please call 716-646-5577 TODAY!