Wednesday, May 20, 2015


On Friday, May 15, 2015, Ten Lives Club received an urgent phone call from a local veterinarian we work with regularly.  Their clinic took in some newborn kittens and needed our help immediately.  

That morning, while emptying a dumpster in South Buffalo, employees from Modern Disposal found two plastic bags with FOUR newborn kittens inside.  These poor little babies still had their umbilical chords and the afterbirth was also in one of the bags!  The employees saw no sign of the poor Mother cat who had her babies ripped away from her as soon as she gave birth.  

Unfortunately, it was already too late for two of the newborns but somehow the other two were hanging on - barely.

Ten Lives Club brought the two surviving newborns to the shelter for immediate medical attention and care.  They were literally only HOURS old & needed fluids and round the clock feedings.  One of our wonderful foster volunteers stepped in to help.

Despite our best efforts and care, one newborn passed away on Saturday and the other one followed on Monday.

What a cruel and irresponsible way of dealing with an unwanted litter of kittens.  

Ten Lives Club is deeply saddened and outraged about this unbelievable act of cruelty against these poor newborn babies and the Mama cat, who's whereabouts are unknown. 

These newborn kittens were bagged up & thrown away like pieces of TRASH!  Meanwhile, the Mama cat, if she's still alive, will continue to have litter after litter of unwanted kittens...

There is a simple solution to unwanted litters - 

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