Tuesday, February 3, 2015


TLC's 14th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION on Saturday was LOTS of fun!  We had so many people stop in to visit all the kitties & sing a rousing version of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to US!

It's amazing how much we have grown since 2001 when TLC was founded.  

Ten Lives Club originally operated out of TLC Founder & President - Marie Edwards' garage in North Boston, New York!  

In 2004, Ten Lives Club moved to an office in Hamburg - we called it "Global" as in "Global HQ"!  It was eventually named "Jake's Place".  

We continued to grow & needed more space, so we bought a building in Concord in 2007 to run the TLC shelter.  Some of the volunteers & staff at Jake's Place wanted to stay & keep running a shelter at that location so they renamed it "Hope for Cats" & are still in operation.  

In 2010, we had once again grown out of the space at the shelter in Concord.   Ten Lives Club moved to the MaeLou Dr. location in Hamburg in 2010.  

After continuing to grow & expand our community efforts to place homeless cats & kittens for 5 more years, our DREAM CAME TRUE! 

We FINALLY moved into the NEW TEN LIVES CLUB SHELTER located at 3741 Lake Shore Drive in Blasdell, NY!

Ten Lives Club is so very HAPPY to have MORE ROOM in our new shelter!

The kitties LOVE roaming around & enjoying the space! 

It makes it possible for Ten Lives Club to save more kitties than ever before!

Ten Lives Club is looking forward to another successful year & many more to come!

We will continue to GROW our MISSION: 

“To promote, further and enhance all cat life”.

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