Friday, September 9, 2016


Submitted By:  Stephanie Stamoolis
August 19, 2016

It happened again! Working in a shelter is very emotional work. Days are filled with ups and downs. We rejoice when cats we love find amazing forever homes, and then there are days like today when we are filled with a mix of emotions.

Today someone left a duffle bag filled with 5 kittens on our doorstep. They were left when we were not open. Luckily for us one of of workers showed up early and found them.

They were covered in fleas, feces, urine, hungry, dehydrated and crammed in to a very small bag. Everyone here felt sad, frustrated, helpless, overwhelmed, and mad. We understand that people may feel overwhelmed and need help. What we don't understand is why they felt that they could not call us and ask for help, or stop in when we were open so that the kittens did not have to wait for help. We also understand that the people that do these horrible things are the minority. Our community is filled with kind animal loving people who make what we do possible.

Despite the strong emotions, our dedicated staff got to work caring for these kittens. They were given baths, flea medication, deworming medication, vaccinations, and much needed food and water. The kittens ran to the bowls and hurriedly ate and drank as much as they could. We have no idea how long they had been in that bag. It could have been as long as 12 hours. They were in such a small bag that they could not move and were stacked on top of each other. With this hot summer, they are lucky to be alive.

These sweet babies are now safe with us. They will never again have to go through another experience like this again. We will treat their illnesses and begin to teach them that they can trust humans again. We will find them loving forever homes. All of this comes at a cost. We estimate that it will cost us about $900 to help these kittens. We receive no funding from the government and rely solely on donations from the public.

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