Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Outside line into the parking lot & down the street!

Ten Lives had a TREMENDOUS turnout for the "Tats for Cats" fundraiser on Sunday, September 18 at Seven Seas Tattoo. Over 200+ supporters came out to get tattoos!  The line to this event went all the way outside, into the parking lot and down the street!
Inside line is out the door, into the parking lot & down the street!

TLC raised $6,300 in ONE DAY!  Unfortunately, there were many others who didn't get a chance to get a tattoo by the time the doors closed because SO MANY SUPPORTERS came out for this event! TLC sincerely apologizes and we are planning another "Tat for Cats" event soon! 

Seven Seas Tattoo Owner Ian & TLC Volunteer Diana

A HUGE THANK YOU to Ian, the owner of Seven Seas Tattoo located at 3187 Abbott Rd. in Orchard Park, who made this happen and TLC Volunteer Diana who organized this first time fundraising event!  GREAT JOB DIANA! 

Seven Seas Tattoo Artists!
The Seven Seas Tattoo artists donated their time and talent for NINE HOURS!  All they made were tips for helping Ten Lives raise money for the kitties. THANK YOU ALL at Seven Seas Tattoo! Please refer this shop to all!

The Ten Lives "Tats for Cats" event was featured on WIVB Channel 4 and WKBW Channel 7 on Sunday, September 18.
Beautiful new cat tattoo!
Thank you too all who came out to support Ten Lives at the "Get a Tat Save a Cat" event!  Without your support, we couldn't continue are life saving mission.

TLC President & Founder Marie Edwards getting her tattoo!

TLC is seeking a tattoo parlor venue for another "Tats for Cats" event.  If you know of one who would want to participate, please call 716-646-5577, Ext. 101!

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