Saturday, August 13, 2016


Katherine Street in the First Ward of South Buffalo is particularly a problem area for stray and unwanted cats.  Recently, Ten Lives took in five kittens from a business property on Katherine Street.  There were three more at the time that volunteers were trying to trap. Those three were rescued last week.

Some may not have given this kitten - we named Jeannie - a chance. But at Ten Lives Club, this is what we do.  Although it can be so heartbreaking to see what neglect and abandonment can do to the kitties that come to us for help.

Jeannie was surrendered with severe eye infections in both eyes.  Her eyes had gone untreated for so long it's clear in the picture to the left how severe her infection was when she came to us. One eye is beyond saving and will need to have enucleation (eye removal). 

Her foster home has been treating Jeannie with three different eye medicines six times a day.  That's 18 times a day plus antibiotics!  Her foster Mom, Paula, turned this very sick little baby into a perky little kitten who has started to play. 

It's amazing how far little Jeannie has come in less than two weeks with medication and tender loving care!

Paula has been with Ten Lives Club for 14 years. She has easily fostered and/or adopted out over 1,000 plus moms and kittens!

Paula is a true cat angel to little Jeannie and all of the kitties that she takes under her loving wings. Ten Lives is so grateful to have Paula and all of our committed foster homes! They give so many cats and kittens such loving care and the chance to find their forever homes. 

Jeannie will have the one eye removed when she's bigger as Animal Eye Care could not save that infected eye. 
But now, she is out of pain and can see with her other eye.
We still need "Prayers for Jeannie" and thank everyone for the donations and kind words of hope and love for her! 
We love our little Jeannie! 

Thanks to all who believe and support us in all that we do! 

If you would like to make a donation towards Jeannie's continued care, please CLICK HERE!


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