Monday, July 18, 2016


On Sunday, July 12 - a day when the TLC shelter is closed to the public - 3 fully grown cats were discovered crammed into one carrier.  They had been left in the heat without food or water. The temperature that day was 90 degrees!   

Whoever was responsible for this cruel act left them sitting next to the TLC dumpster like trash.  Not to mention, in extreme heat with NO WATER which would've been a DEATH SENTENCE if they hadn't been found in time.

Luke (behind) & Jo Jo
Marie noticed the carrier sitting out in the heat and found the 3 cats inside.  They were quickly brought into the shelter & out of the awful heat.  These poor cats had all begun to pant from the extreme heat and one poor baby was so terrified she had peed herself.  

They are being processed by our vet staff now. This means being tested, vaccinated, treated for fleas, worms, ear mites and a full physical which will determine their ages. We named them after "The Bachelorette" stars. 

Read local news coverage HERE & HERE.

Ten Lives never received a phone call asking us to help with these cats.  We do ask for a surrender donation but we will work with people when they can't donate.  There are MANY ways to help that are just as needed and appreciated such as volunteer work, selling raffle tickets for us, caring for our kitties at our adoption locations, donating items needed on a day to day basis, cleaning at the shelter - SO MANY ways! 

DUMPING cats at our shelter is a cruel, cowardly and CRIMINAL thing to do.  

If ANYONE has any information about who may have committed this incredibly cruel act, please call our shelter hotline at 716-646-5577.
To make a donation, CLICK HERE

Thank you to all who support and believe in Ten Lives Club!

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