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The future holds many hopes & visions for Ten Lives Club.  In order to continue our efforts to save and re-home as many kitties as possible while also assisting many other rescue organizations across Western New York, we need to build a warehouse on our shelter property.  The warehouse would store supplies, equipment and pallets of litter and food we receive from all over the country.  It would also serve as a pet food pantry for other rescue groups & compassionate individuals who care for feral colonies and strays.
Planned Warehouse - awaiting actual blueprints & sketch.

Ten Lives Club also plans to move our ringworm facility from South Buffalo to a new state of the art isolation/contagious facility within the warehouse.  Currently, we pay a steep rent to house and treat kitties with ringworm and other highly contagious diseases.  With the addition of the warehouse on property we already own, we would no longer have that additional monthly expense!

The Ten Lives Club shelter in Blasdell sits on 2.8 acres of land. The planned warehouse would be 48' x 81' x 16' built on the back lot of our property. Inside will hold our inventory, the planned isolation center, an inside area concession stand with outside awning for future fundraisers & even three dog runs so TLC can start working with dog rescue groups to show their dogs for adoption.
Back lot on our property where warehouse will be built.
If we raise enough funds we would also like to put a feral enclosure off of this building!  

Recently, TLC had a delivery of 41 pallets of cat and dog food.  In order to store this much needed donation as well as many other donations of food, litter and other supplies, we currently pay $1,000 per month to rent a space in the industrial facility next door.  Having a large storage space is a necessity!  Not only to store our own food and supplies but to share with other rescue groups.  Some of the rescue groups we provided food from this donation were: Joyful Rescues, Operation Pets, Feral Cat Focus, City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, Save a Pet, Tabbytown, Best for Pets, Bob’s Rescue, Niagara County SPCA, Almost Home AnimalSanctuary, Empire Rescue, SOS Cat Rescue & Supporting Rescue Alliance - to name a few!

Ten Lives Club also provides food to feral cat colony caretakers and others who have spayed or neutered cats on their barn properties.  With this recent donation, we were able to supply those who feed community cats in Tonawanda Island, Angola, Olcott, South & North Buffalo, Collins, East Concord, Salamanca, West Seneca, the Buffalo Marina, Boston, Colden, Hamburg, Blasdell, Cheektowaga, Lackawanna, Buffalo East Side, Tonawanda, Niagara Falls, Springville& Arcade.

The cats who come into our care depend on Ten Lives Club! Many rescue organizations & compassionate individuals who care for feral colonies and stray cats depend on us as well.  With the addition of our own warehouse facility, Ten Lives Club would save over $2,000 per month in rental costs for storage space and ringworm containment. 

Please consider donating a TLC Warehouse Campaign Brick in memory of a beloved pet, family member or friend that will forever be displayed in our new warehouse facility.  Businesses and other community organizations can also proudly display their sponsorship. Groups or families can donate a brick together with each participant proudly engraved! 

Each brick is 4" x 8" and includes an engraved message along with an optional picture of a cat, dog, heart or angel ($5 additional).  The cost to donate a TLC Warehouse CampaignBrick is $500. They will be prominently displayed on the East side of the 48' x 81' x 16' warehouse facility.  



Nicholas - Age 1 - Friendly Stray Rescued by TLC!


Ten Lives Club can see this dream come true and continue our mission: 





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