Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Marie Edwards, President & Founder of Ten Lives Club during interview with TWC News

On Monday, November 30, 55 cats were seized from a West Seneca "rescue" called "Bob the Cat Animal Rescue". Ten Lives Club took in 26 cats one to two weeks prior to this raid by the SPCA, American Humane Association & Niagara County Health Department.

Of the 55 cats rescued, ten were so sick they had to be euthanized (NOT by Ten Lives Club). Dozens more have respiratory infections, ringworm, Feline Leukemia, and FIV.

Ten Lives Club told Time Warner Cable News that Canorrao (the owner of Bob The Cat Rescue) brought in 26 cats in the week and a half before Monday's raid.  PLUS, another 10 in the past six months prior to the raid on Monday.  That means, in TOTAL, Ten Lives Club took in at least 36 CATS from Canorrao's hording situation.

Marie Edwards, 10 Lives Club Founder and President, told Time Warner Cable News "We try to take in 20 to 25 in a week. Fifteen in one day is a lot to process. It's a lot of manpower. A lot of cages to set up." 

TLC Shelter Vet, Dr. Sharon Fisk
Small rescue groups like Ten Lives Club do so much more than many people realize when these unfortunate situations happen. Although the spotlight is always on the big rescue organizations (SPCA) that have so many more resources & money. TLC ALWAYS steps in to help however we can. TLC Shelter Vet, Dr. Sharon Fisk shown left.

NOW Ten Lives has 26 MORE to care for, provide medical attention & place in forever homes.

Please consider making a donation towards the care & medical expenses for these poor babies.

They didn't ask to be in this situation!

It costs Ten Lives Club a lot of money to rescue, treat, feed and house over 250 cats and kittens PLUS more kitties that come to TLC in situations such as this.


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  1. Misleading information and half-truths. Take a higher road to get donations.